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In the event that customers wish to return an order the following procedure and requirements must be followed. The following also details our commitment to customers in the event that a return of an order is required due to delivery of faulty or damaged goods

No return of goods accepted without prior knowledge or consent of the supplier. 

Please fill out the form below and submit same once you have read through the following terms and conditions

Our requirements relating to return of goods are detailed below:

1.  Customers must inspect goods received/delivered and notify within 48 hours of the sale/delivery date of any damage/short supply/non-compliance with the quantity or product description on the customer's original sales invoice. Goods must be returned within 14 days of sale or delivery date.  

2. No return of goods accepted without prior consent of the supplier. 

3. Custom orders cannot be returned

4. No refund given in the event of  'a change of mind' or circumstances. In these circumstances return of goods is at the discretion of the supplier and a STORE CREDIT applies. Goods must be returned in 'brand new' condition in its complete original' packaging. We reserve the right to charge a minimum 15-20% restocking fee for returns. The customer bears the cost of return of goods. 

5. The supplier will accept return of defective goods in accordance with the manufacturers warranty conditions

6. We undertake to replace for you any product delivered to you that is faulty or is in a damaged condition. If you wish to return a faulty or damaged product, you must notify us through our designated “contact us” webpage

7. If we are unable at the time of return to replace or exchange returned goods, we undertake to reimburse your credit card for the amount initially debited for the purchase including packaging and postage charges. (See Terms & Conditions)

 The Supplier Returns Policy does not exclude or replace your rights given under Australian Consumer Law and Regulations

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