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Warranty Procedure & Details

Upon receipt of order (delivery) customers have 48 hours to inspect goods. If customers have a concern about an order or products received, they should immediately contact us via our Web Contact form. However no actual claim can proceed without the following information being provided. **

    - proof of purchase (Invoice details)

    - Plumber's or installer's contact details

    - Product description, fault or damage

    - A photo and or video is required of the product concerned

Please do not remove the product and return same to us prior to contacting our office. Use our 'contact form' to send in your warranty request. We will respond as quickly as possible

Note: Where a product is found to be faulty (See details below), or does not fit the description or type ordered, a full or part(s) replacement or refund will be provided. 

The supplier will always endeavour to assist customers with any issue or problems that may arise

Please note: Where scratches, dents or other imperfections on products are reported after installation, warranty claims cannot be accepted. Products must viewed and checked before installation

Warranty information based on product type

Tapware - Tilo Brand

5 year warranty from date of purchase - against manufacturing defects on chrome, body & cartridge - 10 year warranty on Ruben Elite - 10 year limited warranty on Zircone & Gemstone (5 years on coloured finishes - Black (Zircone) - White (Gemstone)

Minor fault: Once it is ascertained that a product defect is minor e.g. cartridge required - a replacement part will be sent directly to the customer (Consumer/end user) In some circumstances a service technician may be sent to site. This is at the supplier's discretion

Major fault: Once it is ascertained that a product defect is major and the product cannot be repaired, a replacement product or refund applies. 

 Again, in some circumstances a service technician may be sent to site. This is at the supplier's discretion. Please note tapware should only be cleaned with soap and water, never use abrasive cleaners

Note: Where the product has not been used for the purpose for which it has been designed e.g. installed in a commercial situation instead of domestic  - or abrasive cleaners have been used for cleaning resulting in partial or full delaminating or scratches on the product - the manufacturers warranty is voided

Installation: Mixer cartridges have a maximum operating pressure of 500kpa - where pressure exceeds this figure a pressure limiting valve needs to be installed.  

To ensure all mixer taps within the property are pressure limited to 500kpa, installation at the water meter would be required. Warranty is voided where pressure exceeds 500Kpa

Non-return stops should be including in the installation of all tapware (excluding Wall Mixers)

Tapware should only be installed by a licensed plumber. 

Customers will need to provide the plumbers contact details for a claim to proceed. Please include these details when submitting the contact form to Compatto Sinks 

** In the case of tapware/mixer installations any warranty claims received will not be proceeded with or accepted if these details are not supplied  

Tapware - Austworld - Monopoly Brand

1 Year from Date of Purchase against manufacturing defects and faults - Jumper Valve (6 Months)


Compatto & Q4 sinks - 25yr warranty against manufacturing defects from date of purchase, not including accessories

1 yr warranty on sink accessories

Defective product must be returned to the supplier (Return address will be provided)
prior to product or parts replacement (This will be at the discretion of the supplier)
Product or parts will be sent directly to the customer

Accessories, Spouts and Tap Sets (3 Tap Hole)

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects, from date of purchase. Defective product must be returned to the supplier prior to full or part(s) replacement, or refund.  Parts or product will be sent directly to the customer

All warranties as per the above, are given in addition to consumer guarantees and cannot exclude them


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