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MAG Washing Machine Hose Tundish With S/S Flap and 50mm Outlet - Code: 78009-1



RRP $175.58

Complete with MAG patented* Body Spacer and internal Baffle Plate (deflector).

Product 78009 - washing machine hose Stainless Steel In Wall Tundish with hinged faceplate.

Easy installation - Simple solution for draining of washing machine hoses and air-conditioning condensate pipes.

  • Draining washing machine hoses and air-conditioning condensate discharge pipes
  • Ideal for apartment buildings, Hospitals and Health Care, Dialysis Centres and Aged Care
  • Highly reliable and durable with unique features
  • Products 78006 and 78009 have unique MAG patented Body Spacer and Internal Baffle Plate (Deflector)
  • Body spacer can be cut to different increments to suit various wall thicknesses.
  • Anti-Splash deflector feature when using A/C condensate pipe.
  • Different finishes are available on Tundish face plate (Cover) - Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Windowed or Solid.
  • Can be fitted with Anti-Vandal security fixings.
SKU: 78009-1 TAGS: Tundish, Washing Machine

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