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MAG Electronic Multi (10) Trap Priming System - Code: 38006



RRP $1,320.00

MAG Electronic Trap Priming System automatically maintains a constant water seal in traps.

Supplied with an approved vacuum breaker, 24-volt solenoid valve operated by a timer, adjustable flush times, shut off valve for maintenance and a manifold system to distribute water evenly to floor drain traps.

Primes 10 Traps

  • Various models available - single or multi points
  • Timer Control with manual override to adjust the frequency and amount of water.
  • Recommended working pressure 350 kPa
  • Working pressure Min 100 kPa - Max 600 kPa
  • Primary assembly to be mounted minimum 300mm above finished floor or ceiling space.
  • Installer to provide mini stop to control the flow.
  • Designed and engineered at MAG's Australian factory.
  • Installation as per AS 3500 National Plumbing Code
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