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Sloan Microwave Urinal Flush System (Double) - Tank pressure - Code: 42019L



RRP $1,584.60

Sloan Microwave Urinal Flush System (Double) - Tank pressure

Will reliably flush the urinal after each user - without user needing to touch anything.                Advanced inwall/in ceiling sensor operated flush system tor automatic flushing of urinals on user demand only

  • Ensures that any chemical dispensers that rely on the flush tor their proper operation will provide their full benefit
  • Compact, modular construction - can be installed quickly and easily into almost any building configuration
  • Detector operates through plaster board -so no need to pierce the wall or ceiling board and a hidden, vandal proof installation is achieved
  • Suits wall and stall urinals
  • Runs from a power point via a low voltage power pack. No battery maintenance needed

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