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MAG HORNE H1502 TMV Valve - Brass - Code: 42150



RRP $545.20

MAG H1502 HORNE Thermostatic Mixing Valve - Brass - Code: 42150

  • 1/2" BSP - 2 Isolation Valves - 2 Non-Return Valves - 2 Strainers
  • 150mm between pipe centres
  • Watermarked
  • Warranty: 5-year Parts & Labour
  • Must be installed by a suitably qualified tradesperson in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, AS/NZS 3500 and AS4032


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The main functions of a Horne 15 TMV H1502 thermostatic mixing valve are

1. Mix hot and cold water to provide mixed water at a steady temperature,
independent of reasonable fluctuations in the temperature and/or pressure
of the incoming hot water or cold-water supply, and to - 
2. Close the hot or cold-water supply in the event of failure of the other

The Horne TMV provides the most reliable way to dispense temperature controlled warm water, delivering more precise control than tempering valves.

Superior performance

The HORNE H1502 TMV valve includes unique features making it safer to operate, simpler to install and easier to maintain in accordance with the stringent regulations governing thermostatic mixing valve maintenance.

Reliable control at low flow rates

The recommended mixed water temperature, 40.5°C to
43.5°C (for adults) and 38.0°C to 40.5°C (for children), is maintained from

a minimum flow rate of 2.5 litres/minute through to a
maximum flow rate of 48 litres/minute.

Horne TMV technical overview

The Horne TMV is supplied complete with inbuilt
two isolating valves, two non-return valves and two strainers. It is simpler to service-
easy to remove and replace central valve due to true flat-faced valve connections. The slim profile enables the valve to be installed within 50 mm stud walls if required, and the Inlet connections can be rotated to suit existing or preferred pipework layout. Due to high flow rate, one valve can cater for one, two or three bathrooms within 10 metres.

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