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MIFAB Trap Priming Valve - M1-DU Distribution Unit - Code: 80105



RRP $323.50

MIFAB Trap Priming Valve - M1-DU Distribution Unit

  • Activated with a pressure drop as little as 21kpa.
  • Replaceable Sediment Filter
  • Cartridge tubes to be interchangeable.
  • Air gap to have 4 holes with no air pre-charge.
  • Can be disassembled in the field for cleaning and repair and is easily reassembled.
  • Minimum line pressure 140kpa - Maximum 560kpa
  • Fully serviceable - Installed with a replaceable filter that can be replaced due to wear and build-up of debris.
  • Supplied with fine mesh stainless steel sediment filter - easily accessible for quick cleaning ensuring that the cartridge is not clogged allowing for uniform water delivery.
SKU: 80105

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